Blue on the outside,

green at heart.

I-team Global was born out of the mission to empower cleaners by developing the highest quality sustainable cleaning equipment. We are driven to create a cleaner and safer environment for people, and to protect our planet at the same time. Innovation and social responsibility, thus, are the pillars are organisation is built on.

We are now taking major steps in our sustainability journey. This portal, and the content within it, is our way of taking you along with us.

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In 2023 we have been focused on putting objectives on paper, establishing specific responsibilities and functions, and streamlining our communication so we can continue to improve consistently. The aim is not to achieve perfection. Instead we want to do our part, and do the best we can. 

In this sustainability magazine you can read all about our goals and their implementation, learn about the new ESG team, and see what sustainable initiatives are happening within i-team Global.

Our 2023

sustainability goals

Establishing a
roadmap towards

Climate Neutrality

Running a living wage

gap assessment

Submitting our

B Impact Assessment

Our latest and greatest

in sustainability

Sustainable product innovation

Our products are developed with sustainable innovation in mind.

Our mission: from cleaner to hospitality host.

i-team Global was born out of one central mission: bringing pride and pleasure back into cleaning to empower our end-users to be more than cleaners; to be hospitality hosts who are preserving the planet.

Projects in progress: A look behind the scenes

Company Profile

The new Flight Forum: an inside look

Interview with our ESG Ambassador: Ron van de Ven